portraits to caricatures

I’ve always loved drawing portraits. Having done a lot of self-study in traditional portraiture in an attempt to make sure I captured their likeness.

I’m glad that I’ve held on to many early drawings to see how far I’ve come. You never stop critiquing or learning from your last work. Knowing there’s room for improvement because you alone see the little flaws that could make the difference.

I also was fascinated by caricatures and cartooning. Attempting to capture the likeness of someone with loose and liberating lines. But when I first started out doing caricatures I personally would say I was a big fail. I just wasn’t loose and liberating. But all my caricatures gravitated to the realistic traditional portraiture. It was like I was afraid to be loose and be too cartoony less I offend the subject.

That’s when I realized I needed to study the craft of caricatures and just get better at it or quit! I started doing event caricatures where you have to perform live in front of a crowd and show your work in minutes. Every time I returned from a gig I would say… “I’m done! I’ll never accept another caricature gig again!” Until I’d get a call to do another caricature gig. I said heck if they couldn’t figure out I wasn’t as good as I felt I could or should be I’ll keep accepting the gigs and keep improving. Which I’m glad I did. I went from getting hired from Event Agencies to running my very own Caricature Gig biz… Terantoons!

Thank God for my family being my biggest fans and support system. I hope that they can see that you can use your talent and it will be rewarded. I strongly believe they do. They never doubted when sometimes I had.

I had passed on a great opportunity to do the cover artwork for one of the big comic book giants. But the timing and circumstances filled me with fear and doubt. I’m moving forward even when I have to battle that enemy of fear and doubt. Even if it means coming out bruised and battered as long as I get back up and keep moving forward.

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