It’s just a gray mouse lemur

I’m not really sure how that little creature ended up on her shoulder or if it’s real. I’m going to guess it’s an event at a zoo and no creatures, small or big, were harmed.

I just liked the image. very striking and I hope I could the mood. She was very calm and the Lemur looked frightened just as always. My only education of the Lemur is from the hilarious Madagascar animated movie with the anti-heroic main protagonist of All HailĀ King Julien! OK… King Julien is a Ring-tailed lemur but still a cousin to the one featured in my painting.

The medium is Photoshop with the look of pastel. This was several paintings into my learning to real look of pastels in Photoshop. I developed a few custom brushes so they could give me that feeling of the dry pastels hitting a toothed paper that I like using in the traditional medium.